Transform Wellness

73-77 East Street
Epsom, Surrey


Monday: 8am-1pm / 3pm- 8pm
Tuesday: 8am-1pm / 3pm- 8pm
Wed: 8am-1pm / 3pm- 8pm
Thursday: 8am-1pm / 3pm- 8pm
Friday: 8am-1pm
Sat: 8am- 1pm

Why choose transform wellness?

Expert Examination

We pride ourself on our assessments. Our Doctors run bloods, take X-rays and use the latest technology to find the cause of your problem by measuring your health objectively.

Community & Accountability

Accountability is the secret to success. Our wellness tribe is supportive and motivational keeping you on track.

Committed to results

Whether it's back pain, weight loss, or other health challenges we are determined to get you healthier and help you achieve results. Our plans are bespoke to your wants and needs.

Professional Advice

We have chiropractors, massage therapists, sports rehab and personal trainers all under one roof!